Clay schools doing a lot of things right

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Clay Community Schools Corporation is doing a lot of things right.

We especially appreciate the philosophy of Superintendent Jeff Fritz as he expressed it to the Brazil Rotary Club.

He made two points that resonated with us.

One, the school corporation is reaching out to ministers and parents to encourage reading.

Ask adults, "What are children not learning in their years in public education?"

The answer is often, "They cannot read and write at an acceptable level when they graduate from high school.

Employers see it on resumes and job applications.

Too many times parents who cannot function at an acceptable level in the workplace are raising children with the same limitations. We are not talking about children who are not capable of learning; we are talking about a standard that is not as high as it should be.

As Fritz said, it is not the teachers or the schools that have changed, it is the family unit. It is a sociological dynamic that must be addressed.

Two, the school corporation is working with local industry to learn how to provide the best education to students who are simply not cut out for college.

If you spend much time with children and teens, you quickly see they are not all made from the same mold. Some are athletes, some are musicians, some are academically inclined in a variety of subjects And that, is just the beginning of differences among children.

So, it only makes sense that not every child should go to college. Many are going to be successful when they go into a trade out of high school.

It just so happens that years ago, factory workers had as much dignity as any professional person. That should not change.