Letter to the Editor

Reader says Flint water crisis caused by Dem leadership

Monday, February 15, 2016

To the editor:

Hillary is calling the Flint water crisis "immoral." I agree! However, she failed to mention the decades of Democratic "leadership" that lead to this crisis.

A Democrat city council, a Democrat mayor, a Democrat emergency manager (appointed to get along with the Democrat local officials he was overseeing), Democrat state bureaucrats, and Democrat EPA made the horrific decision to save money because decades of Democrat rule left Flint in a state of severe financial crisis.

Democratic Mayor Dayne Walling even went so far as to publicly drink Flint water in an effort to convince the people that it was safe. While the citizens of Flint are suffering from the poor management of their city, they have not been disenfranchised. They voted for the people who did this to them. The current city council of Flint is comprised of two convicted criminals and two council members who declared personal bankruptcy.

What could possibly go wrong? If anyone needs proof that elections have consequences, they need look no further than Flint, Michigan.

Sally Sidman