Many can be thanked for increase in business

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Like the drip that gradually breaks the rock, business is definitely picking up in Clay County.

At the January meeting of the Clay County Redevelopment Commission, Jim Coffenberry said the county enjoyed $26 million in private investment and added 180 jobs.

"That's a conservative estimate and it's pretty darn good for a county of this size," Coffenberry said.

We agree.

He should know. He is Economic Development Specialist at West Central Indiana Economic Development District.

This month, the Town Council of Harmony began working with TKO Graffix. TKO has bought 11 acres of land near Great Dane and will soon build a 10,000 square-foot building and plans to double their current workforce of 15 people.

TKO is working with the Redevelopment Commission and the Harmony Town Council on tax abatement.

Britt Aero in Brazil has a record of expansion. It has 81 employees and is adding two more.

Does all this good news constitute a boom for Clay County? No and no one needs to be concerned we will turn into another Carmel or even Zionsville. The rural, small town character of Clay County isn't being threatened in any way but it's nice to know business is doing well here.

We have to mention it's a team effort.

County Commissioners and the County Council seek to keep the county fiscally sound, the Brazil mayor and City Council work to do the same in Clay County's largest municipality.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has done a marvelous job on the west end of National Avenue. We can't wait to see how the new street lights look and we can only imagine how nice the east end will be when that work is finished this year.

There are many more people involved. When you get down to it, look in the mirror. If you live and pay taxes in Clay County, pat yourself on the back. The good things that business and government are able to accomplish wouldn't be possible without you!