Letter to the Editor

Kroger employees deserve recogntion

Sunday, March 6, 2016

To the editor:

I informed Kevin Lozier, manager of Kroger's, that he had two store employees that needed recognition for the help I received from them.

Last fall, I dropped my wallet at the gas pumps and drove off. In the meantime, employee Johnathan Herbert found it. Cash, credit card and debit cards. I went back to Kroger's and got the wallet. I tried to reward Mr. Johnathan two different times. He declined and said to return the favor to someone else if I wound a wallet or purse.

Then, Friday night, I was shopping at Kroger's and was almost done when I was about to pass out. I saw this new employee. Her name is Taylor White. I told her I needed cheese and crackers quick. My sugars went up and down quick. I went to the register to check out. She said to open the snack pack and eat it now. What a great employee. I could have passed out and been hurt.

Kevin Lozier, Kroger manager, said they would get recognition. Thank you, Kroger.