EDITORIAL: Love -- and help -- thy neighbor

Sunday, March 13, 2016

With big projects in the works in and around Brazil, you can't help but feel some optimism.

The old junior high and the Davis building are getting facelifts, blighted properties will soon get renovations or torn down and the city's main thoroughfare is undergoing a multi-million dollar project.

But, at the same time, many properties remain in disrepair. It seems as if all the investment in Brazil is either coming from private, out-of-town investors or local, state or federal taxpayer funding.

Elected officials are often optimistic that if they take the lead in cleaning up and improving what they can, the city's residents will follow. But, for many residents, the money isn't there to put a fresh coat of paint on the house, never mind a new roof or windows.

With spring just around the corner, and as we freshen up our surroundings, we need to think about our neighbors who are struggling, who want to do better but just can't afford to.

Sure, there are some who just don't care: tall grass, trash in the yard and siding that looks like a puzzle missing many pieces. But, there are those who genuinely can't afford to make any improvements.

Without being disrespectful, ask your neighbors if they need help or don't be afraid to ask yourself. A little freshening up may just be what the doctor ordered and could brighten up someone's day or even year.

Heck, you may even find that happiness comes from somewhere other than a blossoming bank account.