Letter to the Editor

Revelations about chewing tar

Sunday, April 17, 2016

To the editor:

Yes, yes, I chewed tar; all of us fellows when we were in grade school chewed tar as we all thought we were like the old timers chewing their tobacco . . . and we spit too. Yes, I also chewed gum, and after all the sweet stuff was out, I just swallowed it . . . but not the tar.

Too, thinking of other things, we didn't have TV, indoor plumbing and lots of other nice things to come; like Bernie Sanders is coming to Indiana to campaign . . . Big deal, so much for the good things. His initials tell it best.

We see all the sales on autos, foodstuff and see the many things in shop windows that beckon us to come in and buy.

Everybody has easy terms with all you have to do is sign your name; that is if you are of age.

I remember I couldn't join the Army unless dad and mom both signed. Dad did for I pestered him til I had both sign, and mom finally did when I graduated. Some of my class was drafted out of school.

We were patriotic in those days.

Everyone I knew wanted to go get out of school. The draft clerk promised me work in ordinance. Ha ha ha, and some more.

I didn't learn til well after basic training and then I was considered a man. I learned that smoking and drinking wasn't my cup of tea. When I volunteered for MP duty as I had to haul in the drunks who seemed to always want a cigarette when they were getting locked up,

I still hate the smell of booze. I did a lot of traveling in several countries and you know what? Nothing compared to old Clay County, IN.

Over there they made their horses and oxen work in the fields, and they didn't eat corn from the cobb; that was animal food.

The longer we live we learn more and more til time pulls the curtain on us and we end up with those magical things like canes, walkers, wheel chairs and memories of those rusty old "golden days" when we played outside til mom called "supper time."

Gee, they were the greatest of times -- were they not?

Til you invite again, I remain,

Marion (Old Sarge) Eveland, Brazil