Letter to the Editor

NHS seniors featured guests of Brazil Rotary Club

Sunday, May 8, 2016

To the editor:

The program at the Brazil Rotary Club on May 4 was special to all the attending Rotarians. The top of the 2016 Northview High School graduation class was honored at the Wednesday meeting.

As a retired school board member, public school superintendent, high school principal, music department chairman, music teacher (choral and instrumental) and a proud Clay County member of the community, I will report that this was the best of the best students.

Our Clay Community Schools are doing an A++ job of education. Those representatives were courteous, focused on the future and reflective of a very positive path to a successful future.

They shared their plans with the Rotarians, and all planned to further their education at various institutions of higher learning.

We were impressed at what they had achieved and applauded their goals and intentions for the future.

I walked away from the meeting confident of the dollars spent on our local school and the positive investment of our tax dollars.

We are ashamed sometimes to say "job well done" to those young people who do try to better themselves. These individuals are a few representatives -- the products --- of a Clay County educated group of teachers, parents and community.

Hats off to all of you -- and the future of our society, our state and our nation -- you deserve to be recognized. Hats off to all of you from this one Brazil Rotarian. Life is good today and tomorrow.

We will be in good hands if this is any indication of the products from Clay Community Schools.

An education is a product of cooperation, investment and faith. We can be proud, at least for a little while, for these young people will not fail you or themselves.