Letter to the Editor

Re: Messmer's Meandering

Sunday, May 15, 2016

To the editor:

I did a lot of country driving with 12 years recruiting for the Army. This brings to mind bringing back a young lady whom had processed for the women's Army Corps. I was driving state highway 36 returning to Rockville, rolling along through the countryside with no towns in between me and Belmore, being approximately 20 miles out, with the young lady having processed at Indianapolis and on the way home, she in the back seat where all applicants were to sit when we hauled them.

The young lady leaned over and said, "I have to use the restroom." Lordy, lordy, nothing for 20 miles or so, not a station and lots of countryside. I told her that she new Belmore was a distance away, could she wait? With an OK and I drove the speed limit. I pulled into Belmore and stopped at a business where they had accommodations and she said she didn't have to go now. I pulled out and drove on to her home in Rockville; she jumped out with a bye, and I pulled away from the garage.

After getting a strong smell I drove to Brazil and a car wash where I suds the back seat after removing and cleaning inside and out. The last I noticed the young lady wore a pretty yellow dress with a big wet spot on the back. By the way, I also drove with two windows down rest the way home from Rockville. I've had lots of countryside tales; I hear you again, I'll tell you about the two (runt) pigs I bought from a fellow recruiter.

On closing, those two cows standing; did they tell you they were independents, conservative or liberal or Democrats?

"Sarge" Marion M. Eveland Jr.