Letter to the Editor

Blondy's has roots deep in Clay County

Sunday, June 5, 2016

To the editor:

On April 23, 1913, Omar Wilson, better known as Blondy, established his homestead on what would become North State Road 59, one of the main roads through Clay County. He transported his three-room house approximately three miles on top of logs to this location, strategically rolling one log at a time until his house came to rest where it now sits. It's been home to four generations of Wilsons and has had several "facelifts" over the years.

Like all family farms there have been several memories made here. But one of the most talked about memories is from previous generations who had the privilege and pleasure of skating in Blondy's Roller Rink. Of course, this was not the official name of the family's rink, but it's the name so many we have talked to that have fondly referred to.

"Over the years, our children, as well as my wife and I, have had the pleasure of speaking with so many about their memories. Most individuals have shared stories of walking to Blondy's on Friday and Saturday nights to skate the long, wooden floored rink which still stands and serves as home to some of Blondy's descendants. "We love hearing these stories since I never met Blondy and we have no memorabilia from the era of Blondy's Roller Rink," stated Scott Wilson. Omar had passed away prior to Scott's birth. Today, we have only the memories of others and the Wilson name to keep our heritage alive.

In 2013, a mere 100 years after Blondy established the homestead, his grandson, Scott Wilson, with his wife and children, founded Blondy's Antiques and Treasures. On display, we have a Sulky (pony cart), which is original to the farm. We can only imagine Blondy hitching up the family pony to pull him and his wife around on leisure rides. As a child, Scott and the neighborhood children spent countless hours at play taking turns pulling (being the pony) and riding this cart. Other family items are on display as well.

This family owned business is eager to become a staple to the community and surrounding areas by offering quality pieces with quality service to customers. Our aim is to assist shoppers with finding that special item that brings back fond memories of their family's heritage. "We also love the wealth of information we gain from those who stop in looking for "that" special item. Collecting is definitely an educational experience."

We hope that you will become a friend to Blondy's Antiques and Treasures and visit often. Along with our vendors, we are constantly on a search to add new (old) items to the inventory.

Scott and Jorita Wilson