Letter to the Editor

Resident seeking help with tree

Sunday, June 5, 2016

To the editor:

My aunt lives in Brazil. She owns her home and only receives around $700 a month from disability. She has lived in the same house going on 18 years.

She pays her taxes and some how managed to pay insurance and everything on the small amount she gets.

She has a large tree in her back yard that is dead and is in danger of crashing down on her house, her fence, the neighbor's back yard and utility lines. She has begged and pleaded with the mayor for helping get the tree down.

She went to the trustee and called Bevance Church as suggested by the mayor but they will not help her either.

I am a widow living on a pension so my income is limited also. Why can't older folks get help in Brazil. Do they just have to sit and pray nothing will happen to their home. Is there anyone out there willing to help the elderly. I am the only family she has left. She is the only aunt I have left from my mother's side of the family. I do not want to lose her over a dead tree possibly falling on her house. Surely there is someone with answers.

The mayor just keeps giving her the run around. I have been with her when she goes there to see if he has found any answers. She is treated like a nobody. Well she is a somebody to me and I pray someone will help her.

Elaine Staley