Letter to the Editor

Soldier "will pay" for respect

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Soldier "will pay" for respect

To the editor:

When a solider visits the grave of a fallen brother, tradition causes us to leave coins. A penny signifies that you are merely paying your respects, a nickle means you went to basic training with that soldier, a dime means you served with them and a quarter means you were with them when they died.

Now then, I make a trip to Brazil a few times a year to leave a dime at the grave of a hometown hero. Sometime this week, someone removed all the coins from his grave. Whoever did this is the lowest scum of the earth.

I have a message for two parties. 1) For the person who took these coins, if I ever catch you doing it, I will break your arm. 2) To the Brazil Police, you can't be everywhere, so right after I finish with this low life, I can either wait at the cemetery for you or come to your department. Whichever is convenient for you. Don't worry, I'll have bond money.

SFC TW Strong (RET)

Battle Ground