Letter to the Editor

'Yes, hard work pays off'

Sunday, June 19, 2016

To the editor:

Who owes whom, college, society me?

Pondering the Editorial 'Working Hard" pays off.

Sometimes thinking of those years just out of high school; volunteering for the draft and staying in, maturing as I served. Learning many things along the way, feeling that I wasn't ready for any college and bank/college loans with a long pay-back; military life was the best choice at the time. The more education while serving got me better jobs, positions, higher rank with more money. This led to marriage, children, responsibility and choosing to go to several service schools, checking listed school openings, gaining what is called cross-training; attending three separate police schools, learning fingerprinting, investigative training and working with civilian police; attending opaque and projection operation, salesmanship and leadership schools.

All paid off. Not being college material was my right decision to join, for the benefits. But not early on, after three to five years of different school training in the military,

Had I chose otherwise, I would have college bills for my parents (and me) for years to pay, and no skill for this locality.

Going to work in this area just out of school, I would have had to get on-the-job training and very low starting pay ($1.05 per hour, union scale. Raised to $1.08 union scale after couple weeks strike.)

Now, the feeling is that schools can train in many area such as computers (laptop a must), school authorized part-time work study, welding, lathe, machines, electric, mechanics and many fields related to nursing, lab work, building trades start working out of high school and some work for years at jobs they love.

Others hate their jobs, but stay for the money.

Some don't know when to slow down for retirement and accumulate money for their children to fight over.

Some never learn anything except what they started with.

Some college people cannot find work in their field for they just didn't check the needs of our community.

The old farmer learned to rotate his crops for better yield, good irrigation, week control: just starting in farming, one must have the tools and the know-how.

College dropouts happen at mid-term, too tough facing those loans with family or going at a job doesn't get cheers from family or friends.

If you haven't talked it over with mom and dad and dropping out for the military isn't always the answer. Unless you are prepared for an awakening.

For you must learn there also.

I know, been there, done that.

Yes, hard work pays off.

What do you think?