Helping a neighbor in need

Monday, July 4, 2016

Helping a neighbor in need

A few weeks ago, The Brazil Times published a letter to the editor that pleaded for someone to help cut down a dead tree that the writer believed would soon crash down on the house. It stated the person who needed the tree removed was on a limited income and could not afford to take down the tree in the property's back yard.

The response to this letter was overwhelming. Tree-cutting services from all over Clay County and elsewhere came forward to offer their services, many for free or at a heavily discounted rate. While the word of the help was somewhat delayed in reaching the person who needed it, we can report that the tree has since been taken down.

The outpouring of support for complete strangers is an attribute Clay County can be very proud of. What this community lacks in wealth it more than makes up for in spirit and desire to see our neighbors make it through the tough times.

While we understand that local government isn't in the business of maintaining its residents' personal property for free, we can all agree that it's great when private citizens are more than willing to do so.