Letter to the Editor

Eveland says we still collect cans and tabs

Sunday, July 24, 2016

To the editor:

We are continually asked if we still take aluminum cans and tabs, and the answer is yes, yes, yes!

The cans are for our "Rice for the Haiti Children" and the tabs are for the Ronald McDonald House at Indianapolis.

We appreciate each donation and pledge that we will always purchase the large bags that we consolidate. We do not ask for your money, but those throw away cans and tabs add up.

The tabs help pay for lodging and many times for families that stay at the McDonald House whom don't have any or enough funds for their stay. We personally haul the tabs to Indianapolis and have previously taken four million tabs and turned them over to the McDonald House, and they love us for the assistance that many of you donate.

To drop off cans or tabs, please drop off at Bedwell Tire, East Main Street, Brazil, or at our church on 21 W. Pinckley St., Brazil.

For more information call the following numbers, 812-446-2252, 812-986-2990, 812-446-1513 or contact Sarge Eveland at 812-448-2873 for pick up.

You will help feed some Haiti children and also help some worried families awaiting word from a doctor about their sick child at Indianapolis hospital.

We thank the VFW for their weekly can and tab donations.

Thank you

"Sarge" Marion Eveland, Brazil