What 4-H Means to Me!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

By Addie Schopmeyer

I like 4-H because you have fun and learn new things. You can participate in many fun programs such as the fair, 4-H camp, color run, and book to barn. When you do anything in 4-H you learn new skills. I have learned so many new things in 4-H such as painting, sewing, and baking. I also think 4-H brings family and friends together. For example, my great-grandparents met each other in 4-H. They have been married for 63 years. If it wasn’t for 4-H I wouldn’t be here! I also learned, when I worked on my genealogy project that my great-grandma went to 4-H camp at Shakamak State park just like I did. She was also in the fashion revue like me. My grandma and mom took many of the same projects in 4-H that I take now. My birthday is in July and the fair was my first outing as a baby. I think that is pretty special. That’s what I like about 4-H, friends and families coming together to teach and learn new skills and have fun.

By Kara Rendant

From showing livestock to helping my Junior Leaders 4-H club, 4-H has taught me many things. I have learned communication skills, responsibility, time management, and social skills. I am in most everything, and my schedule revolves around 4-H. It’s a huge part of my life, just like volleyball and FFA. I believe that 4-H is one of the best organizations to get involved with. If I wouldn’t have done 4-H I wouldn’t be as responsible and as thoughtful about things as I am now.

My name is Kara Rendant, I am a sophomore at Clay City High School. This year will be my 8th year in 4-H.

I show goats and sheep, and I also do 6 Exhibit Hall projects: Food Preservation, Sewing Non-wearable, Miscellaneous Crafts, Vet Science, Photography Color Salon Prints, and Photography Black and White Salon Prints.

By participating in 4-H I have met so many friends along the way and have had so many opportunities. When I was in 3rd grade, I attended 4-H camp at Shakamak Park. I met this girl named Micaela. At that time, little did we know we would not only become really good friends at camp, but we are still, as sophomores in high school, very good friends. Even though she does 4-H in Greene County and not in Clay County, we still do 4-H events together. We went to 4-H Roundup, together, our 7th, 8th, and 9th grade years. I also met a lot of friends at the 4-H Academy at Purdue that are in my district for FFA. Most of them go to Owen Valley High School and South Putnam High School, but we all stay in touch. However, where I meet the most people and have the most friendships, is at my county fair. By showing livestock, doing exhibit hall projects, or just going places at the fair for fun, 4-H has created so many lifelong friends for me. I already have so many fun memories.

4-H has been part of me for most of my life. I have competed in our county Skill-a-thon many years, competed in the fair pageant, attended 4-H camp for 2 years, attended 4-H Roundup for 3 years, attended 4-H Academy at Purdue for 1 year (so far), attended a program called “Teens as Teachers” twice, spoke at the Foundation Day Dinner at Eli Lilly (which was a really big deal), competed in all my livestock showmanships, and competed at State Fair with many of my projects, including livestock.

4-H means a lot to me because it has also taught me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Showing livestock has taught me a lot of responsibility and time management because I have to care for my animals and work with them to have them show ring ready. Many of the competitions I have been in have taught me teamwork. 4-H is all about teamwork, even if it is helping another 4-Her with their animal, or competing with a team in Skill-a-thon, or any other activities you may do.

With my Exhibit Hall projects I have learned how to sew and to preserve food which are skills that will benefit me my entire life. Photography is another skill that I try to keep perfecting and it is, and will always be, a fun hobby for me. 4-H is all about learning and growing.

I love 4-H. It’s my favorite activity that I participate in because I do it with the people I love the most. 4-H friends will always be by your side because they know you the best. My parents are always supporting and encouraging me, too. I am so glad I have been in 4-H and am continuing to participate until I age out, and then who knows, I may become a leader. 4-H is in my heart and it will always be. Also, after I get married and possibly have some children, my children will definitely be a part of 4-H.

A message from the Clay County Extension Office

4-H is America’s largest youth development organization empowering nearly six million young people across the U.S. with the skills to lead for a lifetime, according to 4-H.org. We would love for you to join Clay County 4-H. We have many clubs for you to enjoy from animals to robotics. Check out our website at https://extension.purdue.edu/Clay to see what 4-H can offer you and instructions on how you can enroll. Enrollment is open from now until Jan. 15.

If you enroll by Oct. 10, you can participate in our “Celebrate Clay County 4-H with a Road Trip.” We are taking a bus to Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks, Indiana. You must be enrolled in 4-H and have all permission slips for the trip turned in by 4 p.m. Oct. 10. See our website for more details on the Road Trip and forms.

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