Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Voting questions answered

Sunday, November 6, 2016

To the editor:

Election Day is tomorrow and with it being a presidential election year, more residents are showing an interest in voting and have had many questions about the election process.

Q: Has the information on my voter registration been altered?

A: Not likely. The Indiana State Police investigation is centered on an organization in Indianapolis, which may have sent counties hand-written registrations with altered information. While Clay County did receive hand-written registrations, none of them had questionable information on them.

Q: May I wear clothing or other items in support of my favorite candidates in the polls?

A: No. While you may wear items and clothing that have the names of candidates on them throughout the day, according to Indiana Election law, they must be removed or covered up prior to entering a polling place.

Q: When I go to a Vote Center, may I request a paper ballot instead of voting on the electronic machines?

A: No, you will have to cast your ballot on the machines, which are secure and not connected to the Internet at any point during the election process.

Q: Can I still vote a straight ticket for a single political party?

A: Yes, however, candidates for school board still have to be selected individually, and with recent changes in election law, county council at-large candidates must be selected individually as well.

Q: If I donít vote for any of the candidates for a particular office, or less than 3 in the race for council members, will it cancel my entire vote?

A: No, your vote will not be canceled if you choose to skip over an office or vote for fewer than the maximum in races where multiple selections can be made. You may even vote for just one candidate on the entire ballot and it will still be counted, if you so choose.

Q: I did not vote in the Primary, am I still allowed to vote in the General Election?

A: Yes, you should still be eligible to vote in the General Election, unless during the Statewide Mailing this summer, you chose to cancel your registration because you moved to another county and did not re-register to vote.

Q: My precinct no longer has a voting place. Where do I vote on Election Day?

A: In 2014, Clay County made the switch from precinct-based voting to Vote Centers. There will be 8 locations open on Election Day, from which you can vote at any one based on what is most convenient for you. The 8 locations are the Armory, Center Point United Methodist Church, Christ Community Church, Grace Chapel, Harmony Community Center, Lewis Township Firehouse, the Orange Building in Goshorn Park, Clay City, and VFW Post 1127.

Those who have additional questions may contact our office at 812-448-9023 or jacobsj@claycountyin.gov.

Jason Jacobs, Clay County Election Clerk