Goodbye to a friend in print journalism

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sad news came across my desk from Clay City this week.

The Clay City News reported it would close its doors on Jan. 31, printing its final edition on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Working in relatively small newspapers my entire career, I know the struggles to keep them operational. As society moves away from the printed word and further into the digital age, newspapers of all sizes have had to reinvent themselves and do more with less. And, with so many different news and other sources pulling on the financial strings of local business and industry, there just isnít enough money to go around.

My father, born in the late 1940s, is among the millions of people around the world who still enjoys the feel of a newspaper in his hand. He, like others, may complain thereís nothing in his local paper but comics and crosswords and he may mock the accuracy of some of the stories, but he still loves it. Itís his, and itís about his little community ó no matter how wacky it can be.

While news from Clay City ó such as stories from county commissioners, town council and school board meetings, and more ó will still be featured in the Spencer Evening World, the paperís closing after 105 years is a sign of the times.

Many industries have come and gone as the result of ever-evolving technology. But, itís hard for many to imagine newspapers would fall victim.

The news about newspapers in this day and age is black and white: evolve and survive.

We wish the best for the staff of the Clay City News and hope the folks there continue to support its efforts to still bring its town the news.

As always, The Brazil Times will continue to cover all of Clay County, which includes Clay City.