Workshop helps residents narrow focus of Brazil's comprehensive plan

Friday, January 13, 2017
Haley James and Scott Siefker discuss matters related to Brazil's future with people who attended Thursday's workshop at Pappy's Bar-B-Que.
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More than 20 people gathered at Pappys Bar-B-Que Thursday night to help shape Brazils future.

Scott Siefker and Haley James of Taylor, Siefker & Williams Design Group led the effort to choose ideas that had been shared in earlier meetings that may be incorporated into a comprehensive plan for the City of Brazil.

Those present dined on appetizers and soft drinks while filling out worksheets and prioritizing ideas in four categories:

Susan Thomas (left) and Shondra Barrett fill out worksheets after studying displays during the comprehensive plan workshop Thursday night at Pappy's Bar-B-Que.
Frank Phillips photo

Construct Brazil: Infrastructure and Environment

Connect Brazil: Mobility and Opportunity

Create Brazil: Economic Development and Innovation

Celebrate Brazil: People, places, and history

We really want to have a dialogue with the community, Siefker said.

Siefkers company has helped write comprehensive plans for towns as small as 50 people and for larger cities such as Indianapolis and Louisville, Kentucky, he said.

The comprehensive plan will give direction to local government and it will open the door to possible grants, Siefker said in a previous meeting.

Those present expressed enthusiasm for the effort to create a comprehensive plan.

I think its gone very well, said Mike McClellan. I think its been very well attended and hopefully there will be some good ideas out of this that can help improve the city of Brazil.

Im excited that something is being done to improve Brazil, John Lee said. I think this will go a long way to really improve the image of Brazil.

Its wonderful that we have the crowd that we do have and people are interested in what were doing, trying to make long-range plans, said City Councilman Roy Kellar. I think it will come to reality.

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