Letter to the Editor

LETTER: County roads are big probem

Sunday, January 29, 2017

County roads are big problem

To the editor:

Like most people, I donít like to listen to complaining. So I want to state that the purpose of this letter is to call attention to a big problem ó our county roads. We live on County Road 1300 North and in years past we paid about $350 each summer to have oil sprayed on our road. During Ron Chamberlainís supervision of the Clay County Road Department, many of the county roads were chipped and sealed. It was like a dream come true for those of us who drive the gravel roads daily. The roads were maintained with hot mix each summer and even though they were not smooth, at least they were not dusty and chewing our tires up. Before the chip and seal, we were one of Bedwell Tireís best customers because our tires picked up nails and debris from the road grader dragging the roads. Due to neglect of maintaining the roads the past few years, the condition of the county roads had deteriorated. In 2015 instead of repairing the roads with hot patch the County Road Department ground the chip and seal up in long stretches along many county roads. The weather was dry and the roads were very dusty that late summer and fall. We had clouds of dust that drifted to the south with each passing car, truck and farm semi and our house, vehicles and lawn were covered with coats of gravel dust. The dust clouds reminded me of pictures from the 1930ís dust bowl. Needless to say, we are once again purchasing oil for the road in front of our house. This past summer the county did offer to pay half the cost of a tree sap mixture if county residents wanted it sprayed on the road in front of their house. Our neighbor did buy the mix and it was worn off long before summer was over.

The condition of County Road 1300 North is beyond bad right now. We have wash boards, pot holes, water puddles and mud all along the road. I guess what I donít understand is why certain roads are maintained and others are not. At election time the commissioners bragged in The Brazil Times that they had double chip and sealed the Harmony Road which was already in decent shape. Other roads, such as 1100 North, have totally been redone. Take a drive on Coal Bluff Road, which is the Clay/Parke County Line. Driving east from Hwy. 59 the road is maintained by Parke County and the black top is in great condition. Where Coal Bluff Road and Harmony Road intersect Clay County maintains the road. The road from that point east is nothing but bumps and pot holes. Is there a solution to the deplorable condition of our County Roads? Mayor Brian Wyndham found money to make Brazilís city streets and sewers great again. We alone paid $2,274.53 in Clay County Withholding tax in 2016 so I know there is money out there. I challenge the Clay County Commissioners to take the lead from Mayor Wyndham by improving our county roads. Improved Clay County roads will lessen the wear and tear on vehicles and make country living pleasant once again. Maybe the next color choice for a new vehicle purchase wonít depend on matching the color of our road dust.!

Cathy Mullinix, Brazil