Letter to the Editor

There’s a time and a place for everything

Sunday, February 26, 2017

To the editor:

I want citizens in this area to know that I’m disgusted with TV news people as it seems that most all want to bring criticism and controversy to us. They seem happy to back their ideas with pictures of lots of young people protesting and urging others to join them. I wonder how many of these take opportunity of college days to “protest” ... and how many are in college with student loans that do not have to be paid back and likely will never be paid back: But Dear Old Dad And Mom co-signed them, Dear Old Dad and Mom will always there for “Junior” and they can lose their savings and also their home due all to “Juniors” activities.

Several of our colleges have some out of touch ideas they in part, as they too are against the establishment. Yes, there also a good number of Mexicans, and others that feel they may have family and possibly themselves in questionable circumstances that may mean they have to return to their country. I wonder if many people are being “paid” to protest around the country.

Nothing is restricted from the public anymore it seems, as like years ago.

I didn’t know where Crane naval base was located; it just wasn’t “advertised.”

I didn’t know we had a ship that could sail for a year without going to base, I didn’t know we had underwater drones that could travel around discovering places, things that were more or less “off limits” to us. And I hadn’t known of all the tunnels which could disrupt a part of our eastern great cities. I had traveled the 12-mile tunnel, the only land route but by water or air. I don’t think they would want to fly tons of watermelons out of Saxix, Va., for they raise many tons of melons just as Indiana does.

No, nothing is “secret” or kept under wraps for our safety and protesters aren’t helping by taking to the streets to advertise or disrupt other peoples rights when, if they really disagree, go to your lawyer, and don’t ask for a free one. I’ve been having 3-7 people asking for donations for various causes; they now waste money asking if I care for Indiana and her people; phone calls, it’s your nickel, don’t waste it.

Our soldiers can’t shoot at anyone in a combat zone till they shoot at them, or take absolute actions to harm them and likely it’s too late as an IED doesn’t wait for a soldier to make a decision. in any of those foreign countries that hate us; one could make a nasty remark about the power in charge, and they could go to jail, are “you” helping these remarks about our people; give them a chance to work.

Enough said, I haven’t read any positive articles and only negative things that haven’t taken place. Our governor for Indiana had previously passed some things, and with an open mind; he corrected parts of them.

There’s a time and place for everything.

Marion Eveland (Sarge), Brazil