Words are powerful, especially when they become actions

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Have you ever witnessed something on television that took you back to better time and place? What about hearing or reading a story in the media that reminds you of a tragedy in your life? Then, there are messages that will come across social media that point out what’s really important in life.

My dad recently shared a video on Facebook that immediately stirred my emotions. Here’s what the video from “UpVee” said:

“Top 10 Things You Will Regret When You’re Old”

#1 Not traveling when you had the chance.

#2 Staying in a bad relationship

#3 Caring too much about what other people think

#4 Being afraid to say “I Love You”

#5 Working too much

#6 Not playing with your kids enough

#7 Not spending enough time with your parents

#8 Never taking a big risk

#9 Not quitting a terrible job

#10 Not realizing how beautiful you are

Many people can relate with a couple of items on this list if not the majority. As a middle-aged man, I don’t just relate with some of these regrets, but I am actually living them.

But, like many motivational messages, they are here today and gone tomorrow and the next thing you know a month or two or year or two will pass by and those regrets remain.

So, I decided to cut this out and hang it on my fridge at home. It’s a constant reminder to live life without regret — at least as best as I can.

If it helps you, cut this list out yourself or find one that helps you.

Words are powerful especially when they become actions.