LOOK BACK March 19-25, 1927

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Look Back to March 19-25, 1927

• It is estimated that at least 5,000 people crowded the downtown street last night for more than an hour, admiring the elaborate display windows filled with the most beautiful new creations in spring styles.

• Auto tire thieves from Terre Haute deliberately ran down officer Lonnie Vice and attempted to cripple or kill him in order to save one of their companions when the policeman was in pursuit of one of the thieves on South Franklin Street last evening. Unfortunately all of the thieves made good their escape but the officers have the number of their automobile and expect to land them in a day or two. The breath was knocked out of Vice but he was not seriously injured.

• “Green Stockings,” the three-act play presented at Van Buren last night, drew an immense crowd and was put over with great success by each member of the cast. Ramon Hedge and Glendon Huron as Bobby Tarver and Henry Steele respectively drew the comedy honors of the play. Ramon’s use of the monical appeared quite natural, indeed.

• The federal income tax is destined to be reduced next year at least 25 percent, according to reliable indications today. Republican leaders have decided that political and economic conditions necessitate a tax reduction before the presidential election next year and it will be granted soon after Congress reconvenes in December.

• The new automatic telephone service which is being installed here by the Citizens Telephone Company is rapidly nearing completion and manager Klingler expects to be able to discontinue the old manual switchboard and switch on the new automatic exchange about May 1.

• Preparation is now being made by the Clay County Historical Society for planting of quite a number of memorial trees in Forest Park this month. The city park board has designated spaces near the auditorium and in the midst of the flowerbeds opposite the west entrance for the use of the county historical society and Social Science department of the L. S. Department club.

• The equipment for station WHBL, Brazil’s first radio broadcasting station, has arrived in the city and is being installed in the clubrooms of Brazil post of the American Legion on the third floor of the Ayer – McCarel building where the broadcasting studio will be located.

• Eel River has risen to a new high mark in the flood which covered the bottoms the early part of the week. The former record reached on September 8 of last year having been slightly exceeded in the Bowling Green and Poland bottoms as well as in the Clay City bottoms in the southern part of the county. The water is said to have been considerably higher than last fall.

• Reverend E. S. Shumaker, Superintendent of the Indiana Anti-saloon League, will deliver an address at the Sunday evening service at the Knightsville M. E. Church on prohibition.

• The Clay County Hospital board composed of H. D. Falls and John H. Riddle of Brazil, H. E. Sutton of Clay City and John Horton, of Harrison Township, today went to Greencastle and Crawfordsville to inspect the Putnam and Montgomery county hospitals in view of getting data for the construction of the proposed Clay County hospital this summer.

The Greencastle and Crawfordsville buildings are among the last built in this community and represent the latest ideas in hospital construction.

• The laying of brick on the repaving of national Avenue will be started on the West End of the street Monday morning. Underwood & Sheehan, the contractors, allowed this morning. Work on the resurfacing of National Avenue was started at the extreme west end of the street near the Kensee Lumber company’s plant. The south side of the pavement is being resurfaced first and when this work is completed as far as the C. I. & W. Railway, the resurfacing of the north side will be started.

• The county commissioners will give a hearing to the petitioners for a county unit road, known as the Howard Dutell County Unit Road on April 5. This proposed road is an extension of the Rio Grande Road pavement in Vigo County from the county line to the North Meridian Street road and south to the pavement of North Meridian Street in Brazil. The petition calls for a 16-foot concrete pavement.