Letter to the Editor

Repeal, replacement of ACA is ‘bogus policy’

Sunday, March 19, 2017

To the editor:

The “repeal and replacement” of the ACA is bogus policy, masquerading as reform. The cry that ACA is in a “death spiral”, is possible because of an executive order by the Trump Administration which allowed many of the bill’s original requirements to be relaxed. AHCA is basically a tax cut of $600 billion funded by gutting Medicaid. The cuts are paid for by capping Medicaid payments to low-income seniors and children. The proposed AHCA violates all of President Trump’s commitments by covering fewer people, taking away protections and raising premiums and deductibles. AHCA is also bad for Medicare, reducing the life of the Medicare Trust Fund and paving the way for it too to be gutted. The healthy and young will benefit from the proposed bill because insurance will be cheaper or because they may elect to go without insurance, whereas those who are unhealthy or older will see their insurance premiums skyrocket. As a result many will not be able to afford access to health care. The true costs will not be known because Congress will irresponsibly vote on the bill before sending it to the Congressional Budget Office for an assessment of the bill’s true cost.

Robert Dodson

Center Point