Letter to the Editor

Cans and tabs still needed to feed Haitian children

Monday, May 29, 2017

To the editor:

I was called to come pick up several bags of cans because they couldn’t put the lid on the large container. The past commander of the VFW really wants to see some more children fed with our “Rice for Haiti” kids.

Past Commander Bob Bigley somewhat apologized that another person there took the tabs for a school kid’s fundraiser and I told him that was all right, they go for a worthy cause, no matter.

Going out to my car, I found that someone had brought three large bags of cans and left them for me and never knocked for a thank you.

We appreciate all the help getting aluminum cans, tabs for McDonald House for both our projects.

My main point is I want you to know that all the money from the cans goes to the children’s Haiti project. Our church buys large trash bags for shipping and transportation and gas is donated for the trips with two people hauling.

The tabs were delivered to the McDonald House these past five trips by old Sarge Eveland. I have received five hugs to date and I hope to take one more trip to the McDonald House before I hang up my driver’s license.

Our can man is Tom Fulk who has processed the cans for the past many months because John Ellison is now disabled.

Remember to drop off your cans at Bedwell Tire on National Avenue or at the church, 21 West Pinckley Street, or call 812-446-2216, 986-2990, or 448-2873 for pick up.

Thank you,