Letter to the Editor

High marks for Head Start

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our foster son is enrolled in the Clay County Early Head Start Program. I found out about this program at our local WIC office. His teacher Mrs. Jessica Wymer comes to our home once a week.

Our son is 26 months old and he is above average in developmental percentile. I cannot say enough positive things about this program. Jessica is well prepared each and every visit. She brings developmental toys to teach him and encourage his development (ex: blocks, puzzles, kites, books & sorting toys). Our little man loves arts and crafts. She brings different projects for us to do. His favorite is painting. We have created masterpieces during our class time. We have met at the library and the center for crafts and activities.

One thing that I really enjoy is the health information she brings weekly. I have asked for information on nutrition, sunscreen, bug repellent, potty training and transitioning into a toddler bed. The articles she brings us has taught us a lot above children’s health and development.

Jessica suggested making a head start scrapbook for “Two-Year-Old”. We make a page each month with his handprints or footprints relating to that month (April Showers, May Flowers, Independence Day, etc). I really like this project. I also have a special place in the kitchen for the most recent craft. During the week our little man points to it and tells us all about it.

I believe this program is a hidden secret of Clay County. I was not aware of all of the wonderful features this center offers to our county. My opinion is if the community was more aware of the program others would financial support and participate for the children of Clay County well-being and their future.

Connie Turner, Brazil