Letter to the Editor

Brazil resident warns of ‘dangerous’ intersection

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Brazil resident warns of ‘dangerous’ intersection

Your life is in danger if you travel west of Brazil on U.S. 40 near Waterworks Road. Three times in the past week I could have been a witness to or part of an accident at that intersection. Two times I was returning from Terre Haute, had my turn signal on to turn south on Waterworks Road when both times a car crossed a double yellow line going way faster than 45 passing me and would have hit a car head on if there was a car turning south from the west bound turn lane for Waterworks Road. The third time I was going west out of Brazil and started to move into the turn lane to go south on Waterworks Road when another car crossed the double yellow line coming east going around a car which was turning south. If I had been in the turn lane I would have been hit head on.

It is not a matter of IF this is going to happen, it is only WHEN is it going happen. INDOT needs to take a look at what a dangerous intersection this is and figure out a way to make it safer. Of course the best course is for drivers to obey the rules of the speed zone and rules of the markings on the road

John Tribble, Brazil