Letter to the Editor

Families, businesses should be recognized

Sunday, August 13, 2017

To the editor:

As a boy, I grew up in Knightsville, the home of Banjo (Jim Wallace), founder of the Wallace Bros. Disposal Service. Some 80 years later, well just take a look as you exit the city limits of Brazil headed west. There on the south side stands a beautiful building complex reflecting the success of the Wallace Familyís integrity, character and sincerity. You only have to stop and think a minute of the impact this beautiful business has on the government and citizens of Clay County.

And, while we are recognizing successful family business ventures, how about Timberland, founded back in the early 50ís as a I remember, by Fred Emmert. Then came Sam, Joyce, then came Brad and Kim. Now the Timberland Corporation has mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar industry.

Both of these two names, Wallace and Emmert, represent to me much, much pride and respect of AA quality and guess what, both began their roots at old VBHS and SHS schools.

Jenny Wren and me are getting old now and time is getting short, but we and our family lived in good old Clay County for many years together, for almost 160 years. The names Wallace and Emmert touched our lives greatly, I hope others realize it also.

LT Clark, Clay County