Letter to the Editor

Weighing in on the removal of confederate statues

Sunday, August 20, 2017

To the editor:

I donít know what is happening to our country. The Confederate statues all over the south have been there for over a hundred of years. People walk by them, some stop and look at them and perhaps even read the inscription. I know some might even take a picture. Perhaps a few might even be offended; therefore they get on the band wagon to get them removed.

Even though they are in the minority. These statues are a part of our countryís history like it or not. I believe if you are going to remove them, donít stop there go all the way. Close the Civil War Parks, outlaw the Confederate flag, and remove any city names relating to Confederate Generals. I donít want the people in Atlanta, Georgia to wake up terrified some morning when they feel the ground shake, because it will only be the Governor blasting the beautiful Confederate Stone Mountain Carving.

A lot of people donít know President Jefferson even had slaves. The first parks that should be closed are Manassa, Virginia (two victories); Perryville, Ky.; and Chickamaugh, Georgia. All big Confederate victories. The news showed a statue pulled down and a couple of men run up and kick it. That is something a little kid would do; but that shows the mentality of a lot of the people there. I know removing the statute cost the lives of three nice people in Charlottesville.

In parting, we should remove the Nazi Submarine at the museum in Chicago, Ill. After all they exterminated millions of people. Rewrite the history books and remove the names of the Confederate Generals. God Bless us all.

Jack Glancy, Carbon