Letter to the Editor

My keeper’s brother

Sunday, September 17, 2017

To the editor:

A continuing project collecting pop cans, tabs and clean aluminum products; yes beer cans too and we don’t give out names that contributes to our project, rice for Haiti Children at our Mission in the mountains of Haiti. Many have continued collecting for us, and I assure everyone that we do not keep any funds from that we collect as we also furnish large plastic bags for shipping and the fuel to haul, driver with trailer all for the children’s rice which is their main food there, mixed with beans many times. We are filling our last box with tabs then will transport to Indianapolis for the McDonald House, which furnishes much of the cost for loved ones to stay while their child is cared for at a nearby hospital. Many cannot afford rates at motels and hotels, and McDonald House is the answer for many. We don’t ask you for money for this project, only your pop cans and tabs. Pull off a tab for the sick children in Indiana. Phone us for pick up or drop off at Bedwell Tire. We thank the VFW and past commander Bob Bigley for the many times and the last large bag of tabs; several more of this size, and we’ll haul to the McDonald House for our 7th million tab donation. We thank our can man Tom Fulk for his many hours restacking for shipment. Drop off at 21 W. Pinckley or phone 812-605-0622, 812-448-2873 or 812-446-1513 and leave a message; we’ll pick up.

Sarge Marion Eveland