Letter to the Editor

Brazil man forgives person who keyed his familyís car

Sunday, September 24, 2017

To the editor:

To the person who keyed our charcoal grey Honda Insight at Walmart in the handicapped parking space on the afternoon of September 18th. Let me start by saying this isnít about the car, it is about my precious wife. See I understand the frustration of thinking someone illegally parked in that space. I get the anger because my wife Heather who was driving has MS and my daughter Danielle is wheelchair-bound due to spina bifida.

Let me give you the rest of the story. My wife was having a serious MS relapse and couldnít even continue to drive home so she went to Walmart and waited until my son got out of school to pick her up. She went into the glove box and grabbed my USPS parking placard and hung it up by mistake (our van has a handicapped plate. Pretty easy to do since they are the exact same shape and color even with out MS. If you would have waited to rebuke her in person and watched her walk out of Walmart you would have seen that she probably took 15 minutes to get from the front doors to the car. Then you might have realized she belonged in that space.

Instead you vandalized our car? Now the car really doesnít matter but if you could have seen my poor wife shaking and crying as she told me the story before I left for work tonight. My wife and the mother of my children is important, and stress is very bad for her. Heather is a kind and gentle soul who by the grace of God would help you if you needed it and she could.

So maybe next time you will reconsider before you perform an illegal act and hurt others, maybe everything isnít as it first seems. No hard feelings all is forgiven from both Heather and I.

James Bowman