Letter to the Editor

Heaton hopes others will support tax reform

Sunday, October 1, 2017

To the editor:

We Hoosiers were hit harder than most Americans by the Great Recession, but weíve bounced back thanks to our stateís fiscally responsible budgets and middle class tax cuts signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence in 2013.

At just 3.6 percent, our stateís unemployment rate is now well below the national rate of 4.4 percent. With a president in the White House calling for middle class tax relief and simplification of the tax code, I believe now is the perfect time to apply Indianaís winning economic formula to the rest of the nation.

Thatís why Iím supporting President Donald Trumpís efforts to reform our tax system. Lower taxes will boost the national economy, create jobs, and allow Americans to keep more of the money they earn. A simpler tax code will make taxes easier to understand, less time consuming, and reduce the stress of filing taxes.

I hope Indianaís members of Congress will join me in supporting President Trumpís tax reform agenda. It has been three decades since the last significant reform of the tax code. Itís clearly the right time to apply Indianaís common-sense formula for job growth and prosperity to the rest of the nation.

Bob Heaton

Indiana House of Representatives, House District 46

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