Letter to the Editor

Elephant at festival draws ire of many

Sunday, October 15, 2017

To the editor::

Cory Apple Festival — Elephant Featured Guest (Sept. 22-24)

I was very disappointed to see Nosey at the Festival.

In fact, Hugo Liebel, has been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for nearly 200 animal-welfare violations in the past two decades. Most of these citations have been related to his mistreatment of Nosey, using Bullhook, to jab and strike Nosey in an attempt to control her and chaining her so tightly that she could barely move in addition in denying her necessary veterinary care. The animal learns it must obey her handler or face the consequences.

Whether they are born in captivity or in the wild, they must be emotionally and mentally “broken” before they will accept loads on the backs.

Florida recently denied the exhibitor’s license to possess and exhibit Nosey in the state, effective August 9, 2017 and canceled the insurance bond. Nosey was one of 40 that was wild-caught and transferred to the US in 1984 by eccentric millionaire in Ocala, Florida. Ten elephants have died between 1984-1987 from transport stress, wounds and disease.

Nosey was sold to Hugo Liebel in 1988. She has been exhibited under the stage names, Tiny, Peanut and Dumbo. Nosey was born 1982 and has been held captive, alone, ever since. She is still being booked as HAVE TRUNK WILL TRAVEL.

There is an organization called: SAVE NOSEY NOW, Inc. which is trying to have her released to a sanctuary where she can get the veterinary care for her degenerative joint disease. She lives in physical and psychological pain. According to the Humane Society elephants are not amusement park rides. They are designed to push — not to pull or carry — and most of their strength is in their neck, trunk and head. Nosey regularly carries well over 300 pounds, which puts a tremendous amount of stress on her delicate spine.

(This page is the original Nosey Facebook page created in 2011)

Let me tell you about some of the things that have happened to me over the years. In 2004, I attacked a worker and put them in the hospital. Shortly after that the same year my trainer used a bullhook handle, turned off the lights in the performance ring and beat me. He at the time directed others to take part in that by using other objects such as a sledge hammer and shovel handles. At this time I was staked down by all four legs.

I have a documented skin condition that the USDA has been citing Liebel circus for since 2004. In Oct. 2009 the USDA inspector found bags of my elephant feed that rats had been chewing on. Now the USDA just recently reported in Feb that I am now losing weight.

People need to boycott and stop paying to ride Nosey. If it affects the owner financially maybe he will set her free.

Nancy Jonas, Center Point