Letter to the Editor

Re-think trick or treat times

Sunday, October 22, 2017

To the editor:

Wanted to know what about the children that actually have working parents that work evenings or nights. When do they get to go trick or treating.

Both mom and dad works 5:00 pm til 3:30 am Monday thru Friday and I babysit for my grandbabies so the parents can make ends meet but am not capable to take them out to trick or treat cause of walking restrictions and the ages of the 2 would not be able to keep up with both and keep close eye on them. Both parents want and/are willing to take them but canít because of state or whatever policies but the parents that the state takes care of because the parent wonít work get to take their kids.

I know itís not these childrenís fault but at least give the children that have parents that work the chance to go trick or treating as well. Thank you from a concerned grand mother

Peggy Drury, Greencastle