Couple stands behind their business’ lifetime warranty

Sunday, November 5, 2017

“I remember when a man’s word was his bond.”

From time to time we hear that sentiment stated, usually by an older member of society.

That thought is often coupled with this one: “We didn’t need contracts. We sealed the deal with a handshake.”

The same person can also tell you about “lifetime warranties and guarantees.”

Our friend, Sarge, brought an interesting item to The Brazil Times office the other day. It was a receipt issued to Paul Hirt of Bridgeton by Mike’s Economy Muffler in Brazil.

The story, as Sarge told it, goes like this.

On Aug. 16, 2000, Mr. Hirt took his 6-year-old truck to Mike’s Economy Muffler and had them install a muffler and tailpipes. The bill came to $363.62. The job also came with a lifetime warranty from Mike and Cindy Hodges, the owners of the shop.

Fast forward 17 years. Mr. Hirt still has the same truck and 17 years later it needed a new muffler and pipes.

He returned to Mike’s and the job was performed. This time, however, the bill came to $0. No charge.

Why? Because 17 years ago Mr. Hirt received a lifetime warranty from the muffler shop and even 17 years later, the Hodges honored that lifetime guarantee.

We’re sure that if the lifetime warranty wasn’t in place, Mr. Hirt’s bill in 2017 would have been much higher than it was in 2000 for the same job.

Now, we know there are many hard working, honorable business people in Clay County that go out of their way to keep their word and please their customers. We believe in that standard here at The Brazil Times.

It does make you wonder when you see and hear ads that offer “discounts” outside of Clay County. What exactly are you receiving when you get it chepaer somewhere else? Does it come with a better warranty than you can get locally? Is it a better deal?

I remember a friend of mine telling about a national retailer who offered to replace their brand of tools if the tools ever broke or could no longer be used for any reason.

He said a friend found an old, rusted wrench while plowing one day. You could see the band name on it but the wrench had been covered with dirt and was certainly no use to anyone.

The man decided to try the lifetime warranty and when he presented the old wrench to a salesman, the salesman said not a word but replaced it with a brand new wrench.

Now, we don’t recommend taking advantage of an honest shop owner but we say good for Mr. Hirt and good for the owners of Mike’s Economy Muffler. Undoubtedly each made a friend and we’re glad to tell their story.

Thanks, too, to our friend Sarge Eveland for bringing this to our attention.