Maintaining utilities so important

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Props and kudos to Clay City for improvements the town council has made to the city’s infrastructure.

We have watched Clay City evolve for years and we believe a solid infrastructure — roads, clean water and sewers — are an important part of any town’s stability and growth.

For years, the town fought a water system treatment plant that was literally rusting out. The large tank had sprung a leak and at any time the town’s water pressure could have bottomed out.

But, the town council, Donella Baumgartner, Steve Cooper and Tim Rood, stepped up and worked to make it possible for the water treatment plant to be renovated.

Next is work on the town’s sewer system. A study is being made as the first step toward repairs or replacement of the sewer system as needed.

Clay City residents call themselves “The Mayberry of the Midwest,” and while the crime rate might be low enough to be compared to Andy and Barney’s efforts, one thing we never saw on “The Andy Griffith Show” was the commitment to infrastructure the Clay City Council has shown.

Good job, folks. We applaud you!

We would be remiss if we didn’t likewise applaud Brazil’s efforts to maintaining its infrastructure.

We remember that vivid photo of Mayor Brian Wyndham holding a coil of patched water line. It was a very visual lesson that the time has arrived for water lines, as well as U.S. 40 and city streets to be renovated.

Cities are like people. They gain personality as they age but they also need some doctoring.