Friday truly was ‘party night’ in downtown Brazil

Sunday, November 26, 2017

We have heard people lament the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a “party night” planned this year in downtown Brazil.

If you missed the Christmas in the Park festivities Friday night, you should have been there. That was, indeed, party night.

In the past, we have enjoyed shopping in downtown Brazil, looking at the lights in the windows on a typically frosty parade night and eating dinner at Pappy’s or Mario Brothers.

Friday’s balmy temperatures helped the mood of the crowd.

We video recorded the parade out the window of The Times’ second floor office.

As we watched, an older gentleman stood in the street, doing a few dance steps to entertain before the parade began

After the parade, we left the building and walked to our car parked in Mario Brothers’ parking lot.

A party of three were standing near our car. Normally, that would have made me wonder what they were up to. But their gentle laughter and the fact that one of the guys was embracing a woman to her apparent delight put me at ease.

I spoke to the strangers as I got in the car. They smiled and one of them spoke back.

Mark Adamson’s fireworks show had concluded and Connie Adams was in Forest Park, capturing the party there, including Santa’s first night of greeting children during the 2017 Christmas in the Park, just as Ivy Jacobs had taken hundreds of wonderful pictures during that fantastic parade of more than 100 units. (You can watch the parade at http://www.thebraziltimes.com.)

The carriage rides were nice on past party nights but thanks to all the planners and participants, Friday was truly party night on a grand scale in downtown Brazil