Effects of Christmas in the Park continue to grow

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The effects of Christmas in the Park continue to grow every year.

That was a comment made by Mayor Brian Wyndham at a recent City Council meeting. We agree. It just gets bigger and bigger.

The mayor estimated thousands of people crowded National Avenue to watch this yearís event. The parade lasted well over an hour and the crowds were as many as three people deep in some areas of the route.

Of course the balmy temperatures (for November) didnít hurt.

From our perspective, on the second floor of The Brazil Times offices, it appeared everyone was having a good time, as we mentioned in a recent editorial.

We can tell you that according to YouTube, the video we shot of the parade has been viewed more than 900 times. That is more than 100 times more than past parades, so we are confident it wasnít just the weather than generated enthusiasm for Brazil, Indiana.

The lasting impact of events like this cannot really be over estimated.

Not only do people spend money in restaurants and buy gas when they come to our fair city to attend events like Christmas in the Park but when the event is done well, like this yearís Christmas in the Park, people go home with a good impression of Brazil and they tell their friends and nothing but good comes of such publicity.