BRAZIL BUZZ: Mary Lou takes a tumble

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I was beginning to think last week that instead of Brazil Buzz you would have been reading my obituary or addressing me a get well card. Iíll warm your curiosity with a bit of Good Charlotte Accident Prone lyrics: ďIíve got a problem, got a habit,got a pattern. I guess you can say that Iím accident prone, bad timing ,poor judgment...Ē

Gee, that I relate to and share with you!

The other afternoon while multi-tasking and thinking about a lot of other things yet to accomplish; I remembered Rayís Trash service had collected from our container. I looked out and it was left very near the busy street. This good neighbor went to the re purposed garage,and added some things to the half- full kitchen bags before retrieving that open container. I picked up a make - do roll that the new indoor/outdoor carpet was rolled on and used as a draft dodger for the bottom of the garage door on very cold days. Then, I opened the door. While my back was turned the wind decided to come into my garage uninvited and moved the lightweight roll. Thinking of that big green can this nut headed out. That is when I stumbled across the roll and hit the floor landing on the right side of my face and my body. The fast forward tumble did not knock me out, although; I was in trouble.

I felt warm blood streaming down my face and panicked. I yelled for Paul. The service door was closed and he failed to hear me. I yelled louder, like the lady in the Life Alert commercial (same words, which I realized the minute I said it. I was too upset to smile about that.)

He heard me and so did Tootie Mae and they came running to my rescue. I asked Paul for a wash cloth and got up on my own. If I had fallen a couple of inches from where I landed, the corner of the farm table would have caused serious damage to my eye or worse. So it was ,the blood was coming from a deep gash over the eye and now I have I have a swollen cheek and the very black eye. The only other black- eye I have ever had was self- inflicted with my own finger. Never rub your peepers during the night. The bleed stopped shortly thereafter. Aspirin therapy took half of the blame. My side, back and the back of my arm are badly bruised. I decided to take matters in my own hands a couple of days before I sought professional help. Those two days I tried to keep up pace around here and others needs , because their well being is most important to me.

Saturday evening I went to bed, then shortly after my shoulder and area around my rib cage became very painful,at level 10. We called family and our granddaughterís husband, Matthew Terry, transported Paul and I to the Indiana University West Hospital emergency room. The scan of my head turned out well. Not much there! The X-ray of my chest area showed no broken bones. They did not rule out cracks, saying cracks can be missed.

After a few hours and some medication for pain that I am not fond of and follow-up instructions we headed home.

The blood pressure that was in a dangerous place was good today and I am breathing easier.

I have been in wrecks, suffered from broken ribs and toes, stepped on a rake, fell from tall storage space that I was cleaning in the top of my closet at the Alabama Street address. My daughters still talk about that fall that crashed a metal file box.

I once was shot in the calf of my leg, by accident, from my brotherís new Daisy BB gun and survived life-threatening illnesses. And, thatís just scratching the surface.

Dr. Petty,the attending physician in the ER said if I have unseen fractures they will heal in a few weeks. The cut in the brow will heal and scar. My face is full of lines brought about by time. One more wonít stand out much!

I cannot go without sharing the dream that I had last night, a glass of water and that strong pill, after several near sleepless nights.

Before I went to bed I read the pile of instructions that the nurse gave me over a couple times . I reviewed it again in a dream. I dreamed the paper said that I had 48 percent household dust in my lungs. Yep, this clean-freak had enough problems there to send be back to that paper work the minute I slowly moved from beneath the covers this morning. There was no mention of dust and the whole house looked company ready to me. That would have been a hard pill to swallow.

Until next time, I need to check on the kids now.

I can be reached by phone at 317 - 286 - 7532 or drop me a line to 649 South Grant Street, Brownsburg , IN 46112.

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