Humane Society assisting Brazil with emergency animal calls

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mayor Brian Wyndham and the Humane Society continue to work on a contract for emergency animal pickup that is acceptable to both entities.

I have said all along that we can make this all work out as long as we work together, Mayor Wyndham said at the meeting of the Board of Works and Safety.

He requested another meeting with Michelle Cannava, CCHS Manager, to work out the wording in the contract about emergency pick ups. Both groups are committed to finding a solution that will benefit Brazil and the animals.

Even though there is not a current contract signed between the city and the Humane Society, animals in emergency situations are being picked up and cared for by the Clay County Humane Society.

I just picked up a dog last night. We took him to the vet and found his family, said Cannava.

Stray cat overpopulation was also discussed as a problem. Cannava said that the CCHS is looking into a Capture/Spay/Release program that has been successful at reducing the long term population of strays in other cities.

In other business:

Graverson Construction is working to make a house at 628 S Forest Ave. livable again after an unsafe building affirmation was passed by the Board of Works in December.

Plans are in place for the project to be completed within two years.

Police Chief Clint McQueen gave his December, 2017 monthly report. He listed 512 calls for police

service, 51 investigations, 16 of these were theft-burglary, 7 were drug crimes and 4 were battery. Also reported were 18 arrests, 28 tickets, 25 warnings and 21 crashes. McQueen also reported that 75 children were served by Shop With a Cop in December, 2017

A three-year contract was signed by the board for the Brazil Fire Department as reported by Troy McQueen, current president of the Professional Fire Fighters Union.

Hamilton Logging has sent a proposal requesting to log the approximately 80 acres of property by the well fields. This property was logged in the 90s and some damage was left behind. Hamilton Logging offers to fix the past damage as well as any damage their logging causes. No decision was made at this time until further information is obtained about various options including how much of the area will be logged.

Claims submitted by the Clerks office and the Utilities office were received and approved.

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