A great city now has a great website

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Congratulations to the City of Brazil administration on our new website. 

It is no secret that we like to use this space to point out the positive things going on in Clay County. There are so many, I doubt we will run out of things to praise any time soon. 

One of those good things is a tremendously improved City of Brazil website. Have you seen it? 

Planning Director Janet McClellan has worked with others to make it a clean looking, informative place for residents and visitors to find information about Brazil and the surrounding area. 

Let’s take a quick tour. 

Type in the URL brazil.in.gov and you are greeted with a ribbon of options about our city including “Home,” “About,” “Departments,” “Parks & Rec,” “Community Links,” “Events,” “Major Employers,” and “Contact Us.” 

Below, a series of crisp, clear, beautifully colorful photos rotate. 

Below that, a larger ribbon of options guide the user to what they might want to find whether they are visitors to Brazil, business owners, residents, or local folks who want to use a city service. 

Speaking of city services, city meeting minutes from the Board of Works are available for the clicking. We hope minutes from City Council will soon be added. There are also links to upcoming events and the important Christmas in the Park schedule. 

Not sure what you want? There is a search button at the top of the front page. 

It is important to put your best foot forward and in this information age, people often go to their phones or tablets when they want information. A top notch web presence is essential for any city that wants to do business and improve the quality of life for its residents.