Letter to the Editor

About time

Sunday, January 28, 2018

To the editor:

Itís about time for our Legislature to take time and start thinking about the children in our state. It seems like our representative (both Democrats and Republicans) both say that they will make a difference, but they havenít accomplished anything so far. I was brought up in the fortyís and fifties and during that time I saw what our government had done for the children nothing. We have people that have been in our legislature for years and they have done nothing but talk. Our Governor wants to bring an independent firm to analyze the Department of Child Services; is he going to hire someone from out of the state, or is he going to appoint some who have friends in a political party? Now all they care about is saving money, and not helping the children. Why doesnít he just pick people that have no political party affiliation from different parts of the state, not just friends of Democrats and or Republicans? One Democrat had said the legislature had adopted policies and procedures for the Department of Child Services in the past but havenít been followed, WHY? He also said that the Indiana General Assembly should step in again. WHY they havenít done anything before, and what makes him think they can do anything now? There are more Children being abused now days, and the local law enforcement doesnít have the personal to help them, because they donít have the money to help the Children; WHY? My wife and I see every day on television that young Children and babies are being abused each day; why canít the state help the local law enforcement to put an end to all this? Democrat, Ed Delaney said it best, ďthe Children have no voice in this matter, they canít vote and has no voice in any political partyĒ. What can we do about the Children that are at risk, their lives may be ruined, today or next week or that they may die?I am not a Democrat or a Republican, but just someone who cares about the Children of our State. The Children have no voice and they canít vote, so letís all take time to help the Children, because some of them may be in the Legislature in the future. What should we do to help them? Elect someone that will help them and not the ones who has been in the Legislature for years, and not accomplished anything for them

Charles R McShanog, Brazil