Letter to the Editor

Restrooms need attention now

Sunday, February 11, 2018

To the editor:

When I was having a picnic with my friends at Harmony Park, my friend, Evelyn, had to use the restrooms. Unfortunately, the bathrooms are terrible so she just ended up having to wait till she got home.

If my friends and I donít want to use the restrooms, Iím sure donít either. For example, they had bad sewage, no privacy, moldy toilets, no sing and they smell terrible.

Harmony Park is such a nice park for families and picnics. It has a great walking track, zip line, tennis and basketball courts and really fun playground equipment. But with the unsanitary bathrooms, it makes it hard to stay and enjoy it very long.

There are a lot of communty groups. It would be really nice if they could donate money to fix the sewage, replace the toilets, buy a sink, install stall doors and maybe paint. Then we could accept donations in toilet paper, paper towels and soap at a group picnic. Then maybe we can finally go the park in eace.

Your friend,

Annie, Age 9.