BRAZIL BUZZ: Busy time for the Sartor family

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This was a beautiful day! The sun shone brightly and the ground cover of ice and light snow melted.

Construction at the high school by my house continued and traffic is moving as usual. We were out and about this past weekend with family. Neither of us fell. My side still bothers me from the fall in the garage and Paul legs fail him at times. He depends on a cane when we leave the house. Starla and our son -in -law Bruce May arrived here from Scottsdale Thursday and stayed in Brownsburg until Sunday. We celebrated the birthdays of our granddaughter Lindsay Terry and two of the great granddaughters,Piper Terry,age ten and Harper Risk,age four. They sure know how to party. We celebrated at Santoriniís Greek Kitchen on Prospect Street in Indianapolis on Saturday.

The family had good seating and service and the food is authentic Greek cuisine.

I had been to a Greek restaurant, in San Diego, years ago and Paul dined in Athens on liberty while serving in the Navy, several times. We knew the food would be delicious. Neither the owner and friendly staff nor our menu selections disappointed us. We were entertained by a belly dancer performing what has been said to be the oldest form of dance. The entertainer danced around the tables,dressed in a black two piece ornate coin-type costume,in a tasteful manner. The lady seemed to please most of the crowd. Violet Terry, age three, let it be known she could do that dance and giggled at every turn and twist that came to her young mind. That action delighted the dancer, as well as the roomful of diners and us.

Paul and I were going to go to the movie theater to see ĎPeter Rabbití with our family on Sunday, before Starla and Bruce ended their visit and flew home. When this old couple saw the ice cover outside our living room window that morning, we decided to declined the movie invitation. The children did see the film and we will get their review at Harperís birthday party hosted by Michael and Kayleigh Risk,her parents next Sunday .

We will celebrate Paulís birthday in April and party again. It is all good. We use to celebrate Valentine Day, but one year cupid flew out the window and made no excuses. Hallmark lost a steady customer and I must read sweet sentiments from cards inside Walmart and old cards from sweeter days. Hey,Iím not proud!

So, thank you dear reader for the beautiful valentine you sent last week, cards ,letters and classic comics you send me all year.

The valentine for Paul, Tootie and me is displayed on my tiger oak table for all to see. Now I must check on the kids.

I can be reached by phone at 317- 286-7352 or drop me a line to 649 South Grant Street, Brownsburg, IN., 46112.

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