Letter to the Editor

Bullying is important issue everywhere, for everyone

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bullying is a big factor in school shootings.

Reports show that all school shootings had to do with bullying of someone. This drives many children to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

When I went to high school in Clay County there wasn’t much bullying going on, but their were two occasions when it happened. I personally went up to each boy and told them “the next time I see you abusing this boy or even hear of it, you will answer to me, and believe me you will get the crap kicked out of both of you.”

Some people will think that this is not the way to handle this, but believe me the bullying stopped instantly. When I was older and had kids of my own, they once made fun of a bum, they all got a good paddling and told, “Never again do you make fun of anyone crippled, retarded, bum or anything.”

To have respect for everyone is what counts, schools should have much more tough consequences for bullying, it’s a big problem and should be stopped.

Loren Hoopingarner