Letter to the Editor

Dennis Church will be missed

Sunday, March 25, 2018

To the editor:

I had the honor to process a “volunteer” for the regular Army in 1963, the day after he graduated. Sgt. Dennis E. Church, then a recruit for a short time, going into the the Army’s Special Forces, which was the most physically challenging field for everyone but not to him as he had excelled in baseball, basketball and played center for the football team.

Army “PT” was right down his alley as he was up to par.

S/Sgt. Church went through Special Forces training doing all that was required and then some. He served tours in Vietnam, South Korea, West Germany, Turkey and different places in the USA.

Travel, he did, in five overseas posts for different lengths of time and attended training and schools in the U.S. You would think, after 20 years, he would think about settling down and resting.

Dennis, discharged honorably, never rested, earning as Associate Degree, putting his education to work at a nearby manufacturing plant at Greencastle as chief maintenance man, the man to go to when your machine breaks down. Yes, all this and he loved life, the Lord, and his deal family and grandchildren.

He loved the outdoors and colorful bluebirds.

Two things he learned in the Army which he could be found doing, drinking coffee and playing Euchre in his spare time.

I didn’t know that he had been called to serve in God’s Heavenly Army, but I’m sure S/Sgt. Dennis Church will earn his way, one of my finest soldiers, drafted this time for a higher rated job.

Sgt. Church transferred membership from the Journey Assembly Church of Terre Haute to the Heavenly Church up there.

Farewell, my friend. Until I again greet you, bon voyage, auf wiedersehen!

"Sarge" Marion Eveland