Residents can run with the animals

Thursday, April 12, 2018
The new dog park will be located adjacent to the Brazil water tower in Craig Park.

After being talked about for a couple of years, the Brazil Parks Board approved a proposal to create a dog park at Craig Park Tuesday night.

The enclosed dog park is expected to be about an acre in size and will be located in the back of the park, near the fenced-in area at the water tower. To help save cost on the fencing the board approved the use of water tower fencing for one side of the new exercise area. Fencing will be installed on the other three sides.

According to board President Brian Bemis and Vice President Janet McClellan, the topic has been discussed for quite a while by several committees working on various projects within the community. Secretary Carrol Evans confirmed it was a topic when she was on city council and a dog park was part of the early discussions of the downtown revitalization process a few years ago.

“This is one of those amenities that looks good in a community to those people who could be looking to move here,” Evans said. “This also helps in applying for all those different types of grants when a city has these types of things available.”

Mayor Brian Wyndham also mentioned the dog park in his recent State of the City Address.

All parks have leash laws regarding dogs brought to the parks, but don’t have an area to allow the dogs to run and play to get exercise. The creation of the park helps remedy that issue. Pet owners will have to make sure their dogs are leashed before entering the park and upon leaving the area.

McClellan said the dog park will not interfere with the soccer or baseball areas, and being located near the camping area will allow campers to have a place for their pets to run free while visiting Craig Park.

Signs will be posted at the two gates at the dog park explaining the rights and expectations of the pet owners who use the park, including a disclaimer and the legal rights for the city. Board members agreed pet owners would have to be responsible in making sure their animal(s) are up-to-date on their vaccinations, have the proper licensing, are able to be sociable around other animals and people as well as maintain supervision of their pet at all times.

In the future, the board members expect to add various types of exercise and agility equipment inside the park to help entertain the pets.

The board approved $2,636 to cover the cost of materials and labor to put up the chain link fence by TJ Fencing Company, 406 E Main St, Center Point. Work is expected to start soon and could be completed by early summer.

Other agenda items regarding Craig Park included:

•Approval of payment for an estimate for $5,700, which includes labor and materials, from Brazil Roofing and Siding for building the replacement shelter on the west side of the park.

•Parks Superintendent Marv Moon provided information regarding the compacted stone trail at the park was repaired after a severe washout during the recent flooding that measure 20 inches deep and was 30 feet in length. Two large trees were also removed because of damage from high winds.

The next Brazil Park Board meeting will take place on May 15 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

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