Senior Center was rockin’ place to be on Saturday afternoon

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Brazil resident Eric Brown (at the mic) was backed up by Jesse Buis, during the Elvis Presley Tribute Show at the Clay County Senior Citizens Center on Saturday. Brown performed during Jack's "Senior Family" Fundraising Dinner.
Frank Phillips photo

The Senior Center on South Franklin Street was the rocking place to be on Saturday.

It was a fundraiser to benefit the center in memory of Ivy Jacobs’ dad, Mitchell “Jack” Jackson (See the story and photos in this edition.)

If you have never dined on tomato noodles or drunken gizzards you really missed a treat.

If you like music of the Elvis and Blues Brothers era you missed something good from the live bands. Eric Brown in the Elvis Presley Tribute Show and the Steve Manning Band.

Everyone enjoyed the live auction by Brian Wyndham (including comments about the high-alcohol content cake that was a family recipe.)

The event reminds me of how good and creative people can be.

Like most non-profits, the Senior Center isn’t exactly flush with money. It would be easy for people to sit back and ask, “How can people let this happen?” or worse, “Why doesn’t the government do something?”

The fact is, the city is doing what it can for the Senior Citizens’ bus service and other government agencies have worked with the Center over the years.

Jack passed away a year ago. He really enjoyed the first benefit the family did for the Senior Center.

It would be easy for Jack’s family to hang their head, mourn his loss and be depressed.

Instead they lifted up their heads, got their hands busy and did something big to honor his memory.

How big? They raised nearly $1,300 for the Senior Center.

I know we have many, many other community events. That’s the point. Not that the Jacksons are the only people to do something for the community but it served as a reminder to me how important it is for people to look beyond paying their taxes and realize they have to get involved.

Yep. It’s great when a community comes together.