Letter to the Editor

Prominent resident says thanks for editorial about fake news

Sunday, May 20, 2018

To the editor:

Frank, we greatly appreciate your fortitude in writing the well worded rebuttal concerning the fake news being circulated about Brazil.

We are in a renaissance here in Brazil. Just look at the paved streets, new houses, remodeling of older homes, new businesses, parks unequaled by larger communities, great places to eat, beautiful schools, lovely churches, a growing downtown and business areas such as the Kroger plaza and the Walmart neighborhood.

Also, fine places of large scale employment such as Great Dane and our hospital, a solid pool of medical doctors and clinics, entertainment venues including live performances of music, a great museum, social clubs, a wonderful public library, one of the most beautiful courthouses in the state, an awesome newspaper and several fun festivals.

All of this is a result of the hard work put forth by Brazilians, Clay Countians and smart politicians who govern our city of Brazil and Clay County.

Yes, we are proud of our community and speak highly of our birthplace during our travels.


Matthew S. Huber

Director of Bands

Brazil Concert Band/

Jackson Township Community Band