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Sunday, June 17, 2018
The line was long for the RibFest fundraiser to support the Clay County Youth Food Delivery Program at PAge's IGA Thursday.
Frank Phillips photo

It was great to see that long line of people at Pageís IGA on Thursday as they waited in the hot sun to pick up some delicious barbecued ribs and support the Clay County Youth Food Delivery Program.

That was a meal we could eat with relish even as we thought about the kids who were going without.

We knew that by our purchase, we were going to guarantee those kids would have food to eat, too.

The smell of the CRADLES of Clay County Fish & Tenderloin Fry wafted through Forest Park Saturday night, bringing in a crowd of hungry people.

Then, we had another opportunity to eat and support our kids ... and their parents.

Because this is being written on Friday, the Tenderloin/Fish Fry to benefit Cradles hasnít happened yet, but I am confident it will be well supported during Saturdayís concert at Forest Park as well.

Cradles is a program that makes a big difference through education.

As Pastor Mark Thompson said in an interview last week, if you want to make lasting change, then put your money where your mouth is and support Cradles.

Many people certainly did that ... twice last week.