BRAZIL BUZZ: You’ll never offend a person by returning a smile!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Three or four days last week I felt poorly. This mail retriever fell while bringing in our daily and monthly bundle of advertisements, magazines and bills. The clumsy old blonde with the dizzy dome became even dizzier. I tripped on the threshold of the front door and went down with a thunderous thud.

The fall was the third time in so many months.

The goose eggs that developed on both shins hurt, however , they are not of major concern. I’ve had a lot of them. I landed on my arm and that action brought about pain in my shoulder and neck area.

I recovered, the pain is almost gone and this writer is stepping lightly again and with caution.

Two of my falls I blame on my light casual shoes with integrated pattern outsoles. The shoes help my feet problems, however; the toes of the shoes trip me on certain floor and ground surfaces.

Now when I go out and about I select my shoes from the rack in my closet, wisely.

When I was a kid I had many skinned knees and scraped elbows. Believe it or not, I could run like a deer and fall and jump so high I could almost clear the pasture fence behind our place.

I tipped a barrel one time and as I started to make my leap the darn barrel started rolling down the hill toward our hen house and outside toilet and almost made a pancake out of me .

That time, I received a bloody lip, a face full of dirt and whatever else was in it, including feathers. Fortunately, the family missed my mishap. I did not mention the failed jump, because I did not have nothing to brag about.

They never knew that I fell out of the crown of our old apple tree either. That would be a switching from mom, dad or both parents.

Today my ladder is short and I fear climbing and running stays back in the day.

If, at my ripe old age, I should decide to scale the rounds of an old weathered wooden step ladder to the crown of a mature tree; Mary Lou sure would not be wearing a pair of Sketchers.

I do believe I could still ‘try’ to run like a old lame deer if my loving family caught wind of that move.

They would say something like “ You nut, you sure did go out on a limb this time!” More, they might want to see Grandma peel down the bark, shake-up the leaves, slide down the ladder upside down and pass out amid her bruised apples.

My daughter Lori read my column last week and noted my mention of Fred the stuffed bear.

I failed to mention old Fred was her childhood boyfriend.

It slipped my mind “LoLo” fell for him!

Well, its time to wrap it up. Remember, You’ll never offend a person by returning a smile!

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